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About Us

WEO is an international environmental organisation whose primary goal is to improve the environment in the benefit of human relates to climate change.

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Mission and goals

  1. Stop climate change
  2. Create a climate neutral, ecological and environmentally conscious world
  3. Conclude agreements with governments what concerns climate change and environmental policy
  4. Defend our oceans
  5. Protect ancient forest
  6. Eliminate toxic chemicals
  7. End the age of fossil fuels and nuclear power plants

WEO Innovatieve Programmes

  1. # Gift A Plant
  2. # Green Challenge
  3. # Green Diwali
  4. # GO GREEN

WEO Voice

  1. # Reuse , Reduce ,Recycle
  2. # Save Water
  3. # Save Electrity

WEO Slogans :

  1. Let us unite - Protect our Environment

Climate change is one of mankind's greatest challenges and we must act together or else face the consequences.

If the world fails to take action on this planetary emergency, over 100 million people will die from climate change by 2030 (Source).

Already, millions of people are dying each year as a direct result of global warming and air pollution. If no action is taken, this number will only rise drastically in the upcoming decades.

However, the reality is that our planet itself is not at stake, it is the biosphere and the species that dwell in it.

There is now too much evidence to ignore it any longer. Also, there are many facts of this planetary crisis that are quite alarming to say the least.

World Environment Organisation (WEO) is an international environmental organization founded by Jules Van Dyck whose primary goal is to improve the environment in the advantage of human relates to climate change. In addition, they try to bring these large-scale environmental problems to the attention of the public by campaign liners, publications on social media, web items,...

Your visit to this website is your first step to becoming involved in our life-changing work - please stay in touch by becoming a 'fan' and invite your friends too! Thank you! Please read the following pages and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Heather Rutkowski asks for urgent action on climate change
Heather Rutkowski is ambassador by WEO and Climate Leader by the Climate Reality Project trained by Al Gore.

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